“Music in their hearts, minds, and souls” best describes the team behind Oblio And Arrow. Created by Matthew Kopecky in 2008, the Chicago native writes, records and has conceived what is, Oblio And Arrow:  A songwriter’s outlet for sincerity in music written from the heart.

Oblio And Arrow pulls from their vast library of influences to create a blended sound that can be hard to classify. At the core it’s singer songwriter-rock ‘n’ roll. Building outward, they use layers of percussion on experimental backdrops while still delivering on catchy hooks sung by what amounts to be a small choir onstage.

Oblio And Arrow have been fortunate enough to maintain an “in house” and ‘DIY’ atmosphere and work ethic that shines through in their performances, recordings, and interactions with fans, musicians, and crew. Throughout the past several years the O&A team has been consistently building and currently working toward their next full length release “Steps”, due out in 2014. In the meantime be sure to check out the 2011 Debut Release “Thank God for Photons” available now on the merch page! 


    Approaching a year of working together, Timothy Schmidt and Matthew Kopecky thought it would be fun to try and create what would be the third of their music video projects together for the group Oblio And Arrow.

    So on February 1st of this year they set up a couple microphones and some lights behind a makeshift backdrop in Oblio And Arrow’s rehearsal space / recording studio. The idea was for Matt to sit down with the guitar and play a couple songs off their next record, “Steps” and for Tim to work his magic behind the camera and try to make Matt look cool, which some of you may know is some hard work. The result is the following video, six tracks from the upcoming record performed solo on the acoustic guitar by Matthew Kopecky. Hope you enjoy!